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Gokase - Nobeoka English Teacher-Howard Ahner Tel: 0982-34-5666


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English Subtitles

Donnie Brasco - Part 1

Blow part 1-12

Neverending Story - Part 1-9

It's a Wonderful Life - Part 1-15

Gone In 60 Seconds [2000] - Part 1

Houseboat 1958 pt1

Sometimes a Great Notion (1971) 1-11

Cleopatra (1963) Part 1


The African Queen 1951 pt1

Lord of the Flies pt1

The Mechanic 1972 pt1

The Sugarland Express 1974 pt1

Falling Down

Hard Times

Red Sun

Con Air

Goodfellas Part 1

Mississippi Burning: fighting the KKK in Mississippi.

Zatoichi 2003 - English Subtitles (1-13) A Samurai saves a small town, the rest extortionists and murders in Japan.

Love & Pop (English Subbed) 1-12 is about high school girls in Japan using phone/sex to get money to buy things. There are a few twists.

Swing Girls - English Subtitles (1-11)

The Taste of Tea - English Subs (1-15)

(Part 1) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1)

Twilight - Best Vampire Movie

Attila (The Movie)

Mongol Hordes: World Conquerors

21 - Movie about an MIT student, 21 or Blackjack and his professor.

Barfly -Mickey Rourke plays a drunk and a street fighter.

Barfly - Final Scene

Remembering Roman Holiday

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

The Shawshank Redemption

Bullit: Car Chase with a Ford Mustang and Steve McQueen

Lemans - Movie about a racecar driver in the Lemans, France circuit

The Warriors - Movie about gangs in New York City

44 Minutes - True story about some crazy bank robbers

Ground Hog Day - Movie about a guy repeating the same day over and over and learning how to be human

Forrest Gump - Sweet Home Alabama song

Dead Poets Society - College life with Robin Willians and his students

The Ultimate Gift - Movie about a grandfather teaching his grandson how to live

Coyote Ugly - Movie about an aspiring songwriter in New York City

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Can't Buy Me Love - Movie about a young gardener that wants to join the "in" group in his high school

The Shawshank Redemption - Movie about life in a prison and out of prison

The Peacemaker - Movie about some terrorists stealing some nuclear devices

Havana - Movie about a poker player in Cuba

Mad Max - Movie about times after everything is destroyed in the world

Senior Trip - Samuel Jackson plays a high school student, his first movie, I think

Selena - True story about an American/Mexican that makes it to number one as a singer

Armageddon - Movie about some oil rig drillers that fly to an asteroid to blow it into two pieces

The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand's movie about independent thinking

Fried Green Tomatoes - Movie about a lady listening to the story of an old woman and then becomes friends

As Time Goes By - Song

"A Lot of Water Under the Bridge" - Rick and his girl see eachother once again

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