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Receipe FEB 4 2010

Vegetable Chili
add 1 spoon olive oil to pot
add 34 chopped onion
add 2 garlic cloves
add 1 chopped cucumber
add 12 spoon chilli powder
add 12 spoon cumin
add 12 spoon basil
add 12 spoon oregano
add 1 can cut tomatoes
add 3 fresh tomatoes
add beans (2 cans)
add 12 spoon parsely
add 12 lime juice
simmer 1 hour
Serveve with
sour cream
chedder cheese

Spicy Potatoes
Prepare Potatoes
Cut 12 inch cubed potatoes
boil in 14 cup of water
add 14 table spoon of salt
fry these potatoes in cooking oil
add pinch of salt to a frying pan
4 spoons olive oil
6 squashed garlic cloves
add cut cabbage 12 loaf
cook 4 minutes
Add prepared potatoes
12 tablespoon of salt
12 tablespoon of pepper
14 tablespoon of chili powder
12 slice of lemon juice
cook 3 minutes
Simple Tortillas (Mexican Bread)
2 cups of flower
14 spoon of salt
1 spoon of baking powder
1 slice of butter
warm water
mix and knead into golf balls
cover with damp towel 15 minutes
fry in frying pan 7 seconds on each side until lightly brown


BBQ Sauce for coating meats or Pizza topping or Tacos
1 spoon olive oil to frying pan
1 spoons of ginger
1 diced onion
3 spoons chili powder
3 squashed garlic cloves
8 oz of pineapple and juice (diced)
4 diced tomatoes
13 cup of ketchup
14 cup of apple vinegar
3 spoons brown sugar
3 spoons of honey
2 spoons of mustard
1 spoon of salt
cook 2 minutes
(Keeps for 1 week in refrigerator)


Rice Pudding
boil 34 cups of rice 20 minutes
pinch of salt
1 12 cups of milk
23 cups of sugar
cook 15 more minutes until it thickens
12 cup of milk
1 egg
23 cups of raisins
cook 5 minutes
tablespoon of vanilla
pad of butter
12 cup of pistachios
14 cup of almonds
put in cups
pinch of cinnamon


Easy Vegetable Tacos
mash some avocados with a fork
add taco seasoning mix (A-Price)
put on leaf of long lettuce
add diced tomatoes
diced red onion
baby green beans
a little lime juice
taco sauce

Vegetable Sushi
spinach in hot water 10 seconds
put spinach in ice water
Sauce (Filler)
1 cup mashed cashews or butter
1 spoon maple syrup
1 spoon soy sauce
12 lemon juice
put into mixer and mix
mix with shredded red cabbage by hand
Lay spinach leaves flat
fill with sauce above
add carrots cut into long thin pieces
add sliced mango and papaya
add cilantro
add basil
add parsley
add 1 spoon hemp seeds
roll into sushi
cut in halves
sprinkle hemp seeds on top

Crispy French Fries
soak potatoes 12 hour
dry off with towel
fry low heat 5 minutes
cool completely freezer
fry high heat 5 minutes
serve golden brown
salt and pepper


No knead bread
3 cups flour
14 spn yeast
1 12 spn salt
1 12 cup water
wait 12 hours
pat with flour
500 degree in oven
30 minutes
rest until crust forms
cut and eat


Refried Beans
rinse beans
garlic salt
2 slices onions
minced garlic
level with water
cook and mash
serve all week long

3 tomatoes in mixer
12 onion
3 cloves garlic
hot peppers
lime juice
1 spn salt
mix and serve

Banana Pancakes
cup flour
cup whole wheat flour
spn baking soda
spn salt
2 tbspns baking powder
2 spns sugar
12 tbspn pumpkin spice
14 cup veg oil
2 eggs
diced bananas
stir to batter
serve with maple syrup



Mashed Potatoes
peel 4 tomatoes
boil in water
12 slice butter
2 garlic cloves
heat up
mash with wire wisk
Serve with cheese salt pepper


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